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Achievement Programs for Parents & Caregivers

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For Parents & Caregivers

We offer a variety of parenting workshops, hands-on classes, presentations and webinars that help parents learn new tools & strategies to successfully navigate their child’s developmental milestones from kindergarten all the way to their college years.

We offer a variety of workshops, hands-on classes, presentations and webinars based on a variety of topics such as:

  • Strong Minds™ Workshop
  • Authoritative Dolphin Kids™ Parenting
  • Managing Anxiety in your Home
  • Moving from a Helicopter to Dolphin Kids™ Parent
  • Perfectionism for Teens and Young Adults
  • The Power of Mindfulness

Parent Seminars in Mandarin & English:

Raising Healthy, Happy, and Self-Motivated Kids…The Dolphin Way!


Mandarin & English speaking parent coach, Lily Jiang, presents an informative, interactive, and inspiring parenting seminar series.

Series Structure:

  • Four interactive 2-hour seminars in Mandarin.
  • Each eminar will consist of: 45-minute informative presentation (designed by Dr. Shimi Kang and Fudan University); 40-minute parent interactive activity; and 30-minute Q&A.
  • Includes four 2-hour seminars, Dolphin Parent book, email and online support.

Each session will be structured around the #1 National best-selling book The Dolphin Parent by Dr. Shimi Kang (Chinese version translated and released by Fudan University).

Parents will learn…

  • Learn the downfalls of authoritarian tiger and permissive jellyfish parenting.
  • Understand the lasting benefits of authoritative parenting and how to incorporate this effective style.
  • Practice the key skills needed to thrive in our fast-paced, rapidly changing, and ultra-competitive 21st century world.
  • Learn practical everyday tools to raise healthy, happy, and successful children with essential future-ready skills.
  • Gain valuable community support and insights from a “POD” of like-minded parents and professionals.