The POD Team – Dolphin Kids™:Future-ready Leaders

The POD Team

Our pod of educators ensures the development of your child’s growing years with deeper understanding of his/her own capabilities with the implementation of the Dolphin Kids™ Achievement curriculum.


Dolphin Kids™ Instructor and Coach

Hannah is a recent graduate from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

She is a skilled educator and her experience as a behaviour interventionist has led to her towards a passion for social, emotional, and cognitive learning. Hannah understands the importance of a teacher’s role in being a support system for children, and incorporates strategies into her programs and online coaching sessions that aims to support every child’s social, emotional, and behavioural needs. 


Program Director & Dolphin Kids™ Educator

Elyse Cochrane holds a Bachelors of Education from Brock University and a master’s degree in Educational Technology and Learning Design from Simon Fraser University.

She has been a K-12 teacher for 7 years and working with children led her to find her passion and firm conviction in the power of social, emotional and cognitive learning. As the Program Director for Dolphin Kids Achievement Programs, Dolphin Kids expanded into over 12 schools in BC providing innovative and customized SEC services including: parenting seminars, in-class “field trips”, professional development workshops, after school programs, and summer camps.

She is also curriculum lead for DolphinPod India — Asia’s first life skills center. Through online training and traveling to India, Elyse successfully bridged professional and cultural gap‘s to spread the message of social, emotional and cognitive learning across the world.


Dolphin Kids™ Instructor and Coach

Sophia recently completed her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at The University of British Columbia, and is starting her Masters in Clinical Psychology in the new year. 

Sophia is passionate about child development and her main interests lie in life skills coaching, emotional and social awareness, and building self esteem. She has been an instructor with Dolphin Kids for almost two years and a nanny for over four years. She is thrilled to be working as an instructor for Dolphin Kids Achievement Programs and is very excited to get to know your children!


Curriculum & Assessment Tools Developer

Celeste is a Registered Psychologist from Singapore who has more than seven years of clinical experience in school and hospital settings. Since moving to Vancouver in April 2017, she runs her own private practice, where she is a Registered Clinical Counselor with British Columbia Association of Clinical Counselors (BCACC).

Her passion and experience lie predominantly in providing psychological assessments and intervention of mental health disorders in school-going children and adolescents. She believes in the importance of nurturing strong mindsets in children from a young age through evidence-based teaching methods and interventions, and she feels strongly connected to Dolphin Kids’ philosophy of empowering every child’s motivation towards learning through creativity, positive social connection and resilience-building.


Dolphin Parent Coach & Seminar Instructor

Lily Jiang successfully practiced Dolphin Parenting knowledge and philosophy in her own family and three children. As a Dolphin Parent Coach, Lily leads seminars that guide parents to become confident and lead their peers, family, and friends to live a life full of wisdom and creativity, and a dedication to a healthy and happy life.

Lily has worked as a Career Planning Supervisor for many years and has organized numerous lectures and courses to help many Chinese in Canada to integrate into local culture and live and work to the best of their abilities. She is excited to run the next Dolphin Parent Seminars through CANBest.