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The POD Team

Our pod of educators ensures the development of your child’s growing years with deeper understanding of his/her own capabilities with the implementation of the Dolphin Kids™ Achievement curriculum.

Elyse Cochrane

Program Director & Dolphin Kids™ Educator

Elyse Cochrane holds a Bachelors of Education from Brock University and a master’s degree in Educational Technology and Learning Design from Simon Fraser University.

She worked as a primary-intermediate teacher for 6 years and was the Technology Coordinator & Leader at Urban Academy where she initiated and developed the shared iPad program and mentored teachers’ on technology integration. However, it was her passion and firm conviction in the power of social, emotional and cognitive learning that led her to join as the Program Director for Dolphin Kids Achievement Programs. Under her leadership, Dolphin Kids expanded into 12 schools in BC providing innovative and customized SEC services including: parenting seminars, in-class “field trips”, professional development workshops, after school programs, and summer camps.

She is also curriculum lead for DolphinPod India — Asia’s first life skills center. Through online training and traveling to India, Elyse successfully bridged professional and cultural gap‘s to spread the message of social, emotional and cognitive learning across the world. She is excited about launching upcoming online SEC resources in the next year.

Chloe Watson

Dolphin Kids™ Educator

Chloe graduated from Rhodes University in South Africa with the following Degrees: BA in Fine Art and Industrial Sociology, PGCE- Post-Graduate Certificate in Education majoring in Design and Visual Arts. She taught Art and Design Cambridge in Zimbabwe at St. Johns High School and Hellenic Academy for 4 years.

She was born and raised in Zimbabwe, where education is a privilege and not just a choice or option for many people. She wanted to give back to the community and the best way she knew how was combining her passion Art and Education together.

She enjoys discovering new places and spaces, especially the great outdoors here in Canada. She is a big foodie who loves visiting local markets and restaurants. She also enjoys painting and being a practicing artist on the side.

She is a Dolphin Kids Instructor because she is fascinated by the emotional and cognitive connection that is associated with the curriculum and life skill lessons that this program offers. The psychological aspects of understanding basic Life Skills and incorporating them in today’s Schools will better equip the next generation of learners to be: better, kinder and successful.

Eric Benedon

Dolphin Kids™ Educator

Eric is a recent graduate of UBC, where he studied Art History and Creative Writing. Throughout his studies Eric also performed with the UBC improv group, he now performs with Gard School improv in Vancouver.

As a teacher, Eric aims to share his passions and instill the accompanying life skills in his students.

Eric has been passionate about spending as much time as possible since he was a kid. Depending on the season, Eric will be snowboarding in Whistler or bouldering in Squamish.

Most of Eric’s teaching philosophy is stemmed from improv comedy, and so he enjoys weaving Play, Others, and Downtime together, rather than seeing them as three distinct parts.

Celeste Cai

Curriculum & Assessment Tools Developer

Celeste is a Registered Psychologist from Singapore who has more than seven years of clinical experience in school and hospital settings. Since moving to Vancouver in April 2017, she runs her own private practice, where she is a Registered Clinical Counselor with British Columbia Association of Clinical Counselors (BCACC).

Her passion and experience lie predominantly in providing psychological assessments and intervention of mental health disorders in school-going children and adolescents. She believes in the importance of nurturing strong mindsets in children from a young age through evidence-based teaching methods and interventions, and she feels strongly connected to Dolphin Kids’ philosophy of empowering every child’s motivation towards learning through creativity, positive social connection and resilience-building.

She is currently involved in creating content for our newsletters, developing Dolphin Kids’ Social-Emotional-Cognitive learning curriculum, assessment tools and 1:1 coaching stream.

In her downtime, she enjoys almost any activity that has to do with the great outdoors. She is also an active advocate for women’s mental wellness and is currently developing a women’s personal growth journal as her side project.

Claudia Segovia

Dolphin Kids™ Educator

Claudia Segovia grew up in Mexico City and moved to Canada in 1997, where she danced, taught and choreographed professionally. She is a visual arts teacher, ballet and contemporary dance instructor, a choreographer, and a mixed media visual artist.

Studied Contemporary Dance Choreography at the National Centre for the Arts in Mexico City and a Diploma in Fine Arts and Graphic Design at Emily Carr. She has extensive experience teaching art and dance to children all ages and with learning differences, ADHD and ASD.

She is currently faculty at Arts Umbrella Visual Arts, Richmond Academy of Dance, The Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, Spotlight Dance Centre and Dolphin Kids. Receiver of the Excellence Award from the Federation of Canadian Artists. Shows and sells her work in the Lower Mainland, USA, Mexico and Spain.

Lily Jiang

Dolphin Parent Coach & Seminar Instructor

Lily Jiang successfully practiced Dolphin Parenting knowledge and philosophy in her own family and three children. She was invited to hold several Dolphin Parenting Philosophy courses in several famous private schools in Vancouver. After attending the four-week seminar course, parents can become confident and lead their peers, family, and friends to live a life full of wisdom and creativity, and a dedication to healthy and happy life.

Lily has worked as a Career Planning Supervisor for many years and has organized numerous lectures and courses to help many Chinese in Canada to integrate into local culture and live and work to the best of their abilities. She is excited to run the next Dolphin Parent Seminars through CANBest (