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Online Achievement Programs

Dolphin Kids Online


Interactive social, emotional, and cognitive programs that ignite the mindset and life skills for smart, happy, strong kids!

About our Online Programs

Join our highly-trained Dolphin Kids instructors and connect with children around the world in our online courses via Zoom! Our small group sizes, life skills curriculum, and interactive, hands-on activities will engage your child in social emotional learning tools that stimulate creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and contribution skills!

  • Small class sizes
  • 30-minute to 1-hour programs
  • Interactive learning environment
  • Daily physical exercises
  • Mindfulness activities

Our Neuroscience & Life Skills Curriculum

We learn about emotions

We help children build their emotional vocabulary, develop their bank of coping tools, and practice neuroscience-backed strategies that can be used to navigate all sorts of feelings.

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We build social connections

Our curriculum reinforces assertive communication strategies, the importance of contribution, and how to create positive and meaningful relationships with others.

We develop resilience

Our POD method of instruction integrates play, others, and downtime exercises to create dialogue on resilience, goal setting, and using our “growth” mindset to overcome obstacles.

We practice innovation

We encourage creativity, trial-and-error, and using failure as an opportunity to grow. We teach children the design cycle and how to think outside-the-box.

Online Achievement Programs

  • Taught by our trained Dolphin Kids instructors
  • Small class sizes
  • 1-hour programs for 5 weeks
  • Connected via Zoom

Join our Dolphin Kids instructors during the week for interactive online lessons! Our weekly programs fuse social emotional learning, academic concepts, and life skills tools together. All of our online programs follow the Play, Others, Downtime (POD) teaching method, which provides a balance of hands-on learning, social connection, and mindfulness exercises.

Check out our online programs below! Please email if you have any questions about our online programs.

Registration is closed!

Registration is closed!

Registration is closed!

Kids Helping Kids Programs

We launched a new Kids Helping Kids Initiative that provides our youth ambassadors a digital platform to virtually connect and share their knowledge with children across Canada and around the world! All of these programs are designed and delivered by our trained youth ambassadors. These programs are free to join and provide fun 30-minute lessons for a variety of age ranges in an online learning environment.

We’ve also partnered with Coding Pals! Coding Pals is a non-profit organization that provides high-quality computer programming education for children and youth. Created by a talented team of high school students, we’re excited to collaborate with Coding Pals and provide coding classes for our Dolphin Kids community!

Please note: program registration is required. Maximum capacity is 20 participants.

Cancellation Policy

Online Programs: You can cancel within 1-week  prior to the online camp program starting and receive a full refund.

*Please note: If we do not achieve minimum capacity to run our online programs, these programs may be cancelled. In the event an online program is cancelled, we will reach out to you with alternative options or provide full-refund.