Dolphin Kids™:Future-ready Leaders – We don’t teach, we transform learning

Dolphin Kids™:Future-ready Leaders

We don’t teach, we transform learning

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Where kids build resilience

Dolphin Kids: Future-ready Leaders is a positive mindset and future-ready life skills program that focuses on building social connection, innovation, and self-motivation in children of all ages.

Where kids learn essential 21st century skills

We structure our in-person and online programs around Dr. Shimi Kang’s Play, Others, and Downtime (POD) motivational method of learning. Our programs are designed around neuroscience-backed tools, to directly enhance your child’s self-motivation, adaptability, and social-emotional development.

Where kids learn neuroscience

Research suggests that when children learn more about the functions and basic inner workings of the brain, they learn how to control their emotions, behaviour, and thinking patterns. It is our mission to empower children with neuroscience education and positive coping tools that they can use to keep their minds and bodies smart, happy, and strong!

We offer a variety of in-person and online programs

Our variety of programs enable children to explore social, emotional, and cognitive learning through a variety of kid-friendly themes, academic subjects, and interactive POD learning environment.

School-based Programs

We offer in-class workshops, after school programs, and summer camps to keep kids smart, happy, and strong!

Online Classes

Our live online classes enable us to connect and teach our life skill lessons in an interactive learning environment.

One-to-One Coaching

We provide private, personalized, online coaching that can focus on academic subjects and life skill development.

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Our Success Stories

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Meet Dr. Shimi Kang

Founder of the Dolphin Kids™ Achievement philosophy, Dr. Shimi Kang is an award-winning, Harvard-trained doctor, researcher, media expert, keynote speaker and author of #1 National Bestselling book ‘The Dolphin Parent’.

Through Dolphin Kids™, Dr. Kang has helped thousands of children, adolescents, and adults move towards a life of happiness, health and self-motivated success. Dr. Shimi Kang offers the tools people of all ages need to succeed in our ever-changing competitive world.

A message from Dr. Shimi Kang

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